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Rose Dryad » 2:07pm 09-16-2022

I love your site!!! I've been on for hours lol
Replied on: 8:48pm 09-17-2022
Muahahaha, my plan is working!

Just kidding, thanks so much for stopping by!
Di » 6:33pm 09-12-2022

Wow - this is such a pretty guestbook.

I've really enjoyed looking through your website. The Kitty & Robot comic was so cute & heartwarming & sweet, I sent it to my friend who loves cats. Your dollmaker is so neat too! Then I go to check your links page & see you've listed me. Thanks so much. Speaking of which, I stumbled in here from Libre Town.

Hope you're having a lovely day!
Replied on: 8:45pm 09-17-2022
Delovely, this is such a sweet message, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the site!
Ghastly » 3:26pm 09-12-2022

Hi, been checking out your doll collection you got good taste, and nice doll custom skills it seems
suzy » 2:11am 08-07-2022

hi love the website would you like to exchange links?
Replied on: 6:14pm 08-16-2022
Thank you so much! I'd love to exchange links! I checked out your website, and I really enjoyed your Korean Drama reviews. I don't watch any myself, but I do find it interesting that they're so popular right now.
Valyce Negative » 3:51pm 08-01-2022

Your site is fantastic! We have a lot of likes in common and your pixel art is very good (I especially like the Polly Pocket dioramas- I had a few too back in the day!). Would love to affiliate with you, if it's okay! ^^
Replied on: 6:15pm 08-16-2022
Sure, that sounds great! So glad you liked the art! I've added your button to my links page.
Rex » 1:19pm 07-28-2022

Nice site and cute cats! Sunny looks like the best boi.

Also, Ghost and Nightwish rock \m/ >_< \m/
Replied on: 6:15pm 08-16-2022
Sunny is absolutely the best boi
BekahTheFrugalGamer » 9:30pm 07-03-2022

Hey guys, webmaster here. Don't ever tell your kids that you have a guestbook or a website.
Hanwodidisbbw » 9:28pm 07-03-2022
Abcdefg know I know my abcs!!1!1!
Hanwodidisbbw » 9:27pm 07-03-2022
Abcdefg know I know my abcs!!1!1!
Jenny » 9:25pm 07-03-2022
Is the Wi-Fi working?
Saul goodman » 9:21pm 07-03-2022

I like burritos also did you know you have rights?
ChubChubBoy » 9:19pm 07-03-2022

Ew this person sucks whoever’s moms this is I feel bad for them